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Our Weight Management Program is designed to help you move into your healthy weight zone. Dietary guidelines are far more than just total calories consumed per day. For a long time, people believed eating low-calorie and low-fat foods was the best way to lose weight. The latest research is making us rethink the best way to lose excess body fat. We now know that some fats and oils are actually beneficial to weight loss while very low-calorie diets can initiate fat storage mechanisms and contribute to rebound weight gain as well as future resistance to weight loss. At Hoffman Family Chiropractic we recognize that successful weight management must be effective long-term, and it must incorporate the latest scientific research. With the UltraLean Weight Management Program, you'll soon be living on the lighter side of life!


Spencer L. Hoffman, MS, DC        


The UltraLean Healthy Weight Management Program has been developed to equip you with a simple, delicious way to achieve and maintain your goals of a healthy body composition. You are taking the first step towards a lifetime of wellness.
The UltraLean Healthy Weight Management Program is a simple strategy which has been clinically proven to achieve and sustain a healthy body composition. Follow the 30-day program once if you need to lose a little body fat or two or more times if you need to lose a little more of your excess "fat" weight.

30-Day UltraLean Healthy Weight Management Program

This program includes one or two meal replacements per day in addition to a diet of high quality protein, fruits, vegetables and beneficial fats and oils. It is suitable for those individuals looking to change their body composition and improve overall health.

What do you need for successful weight loss?


High quality nutrition - Weight loss is not about simply cutting calories. This program will emphasize foods that provide high biological value proteins, quality carbohydrates that are high in dietary fiber and have a low glycemic index, and healthy fats.

Staying hydrated - Adequate fluid intake is essential to maintain cellular health and may also promote cardiovascular wellness. Consuming adequate fluids also helps regulate hunger mechanisms to support appetite control. This program will focus on staying hydrated through calorie-free water and unsweetened tea.

Eat healthy and often - Skipping meals can actually slow your metabolism and lead to overeating. By consuming small meals and snacks throughout the day, you will balance your blood sugar and help prevent cravings. The meal plans provided include nutrient-dense foods that will help you feel satisfied longer.

Get adequate rest and sleep - Getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep is essential for the health of all body systems and maintaining energy levels. Lack of sleep can also influence body weight by interfering with the hormonal signals that control appetite and fat storage.

Exercise matters - It is important to walk briskly at least 20 minutes per day (or more) and do some type of resistance work out three times per week. The resistance work out can be using weights or stretch bands - ask for some professional help to get you started on your path to improved health.


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